Ammunition Box


For this project, I wanted to do my first 3D Scan with Agisoft. It was a perfect opportunity to test my skills on Renderman 21 and spend a bit more time on Mari.


I took around 40 photos to do this 3D scan. The main idea was to have every angle of the box for a better result in Agisoft. As you can see, my setup was really simple : A tripod, a Camera (Canon 6D with a 40mm pancake) , a cloudy sky and … that’s it. After each shoot, I turned the box by few centimeters until complete a 360. Then I moved a bit my camera to shot also the top of the box for an another 360. 60 photos later (40 for the scan, around 20 for some close up and references) it was done.



I spent some time to clean as far as possible each image on Photoshop and I created a mask on every single image to maximise the quality of the render on Agisoft. Here is some screenshots of my result on Agisoft, around 600 000 polys. The scan was cool but not enough to work with it, so I did a clean retopo of it.


To create all the main maps (COL, Specular Rough, Bump), I mainly used Mari because its more easier to do a projection with it.

COL : I cleaned all the photos on Photoshop (Remove highlights, shadow, …) to create something really flat to use it as an Albedo in Mari.

BUMP : I imported my COL map on Nuke and I used a HighPass node with some grade/blur.

SPECrough : It’s a mix between my BUMP/COL and some masks that I did in Mari.


Ground : I used some maps from

Box : It was a bit more tricky here. I spent some time on the lookdev to have something realistic. As you can see in my screenshot, it is not so complex but the main challenge was to mix two differents shaders and keep everything believable.

Studio turntable

Snow Ldev